Here you will find brochures, Technical Manuals, Data Sheets and other product related documents that you can download of our products and products families.

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Microcontrollers Products Top

    Microcontrollers Color Pamphlet PDF 32,751KB

4-bit Microcontrollers [ S1C60/62 family ]

High Performance 4-bit Microcontrollers [ S1C63 family ]

  Core CPU Manual S1C63000 Core CPU Manual PDF 887KB
S1C63000 series Data Sheet S1C63003 Data Sheet PDF 108KB
S1C63004 Data Sheet PDF 101KB
S1C63008 Data Sheet PDF 116KB
S1C63016 Data Sheet PDF 116KB
S1C6F016 Data Sheet PDF 115KB
Technical Manual S1C63003/004/008/016 Technical Manual PDF 2,234KB
S1C6F016 Technical Manual PDF 1,836KB
S1C63100 series Data Sheet S1C63158 Data Sheet PDF 162KB
Technical Manual S1C63158 Technical Manual PDF 1,006KB
S1C63200 series Data Sheet S1C63256 Data Sheet PDF 156KB
Technical Manual S1C63256 Technical Manual PDF 887KB
S1C63300 series Data Sheet S1C63358 Data Sheet PDF 124KB
S1C6P366 Data Sheet PDF 268KB
Technical Manual S1C63358 Technical Manual PDF 1,226KB
S1C6P366 Technical Manual PDF 1,748KB
S1C63400 series Data Sheet S1C63408 Data Sheet PDF 164KB
Technical Manual S1C63406/408 Technical Manual PDF 1,076KB
S1C63500 series Data Sheet S1C63558 Data Sheet PDF 221KB
S1C63567 Data Sheet PDF 194KB
Technical Manual S1C63558 Technical Manual PDF 1,475KB
S1C63567 Technical Manual PDF 1,355KB
S1C63600 series Data Sheet S1C63616 Data Sheet PDF 145KB
S1C63632 Data Sheet PDF 124KB
S1C63654 Data Sheet PDF 164KB
S1C63656 Data Sheet PDF 146KB
S1C63658 Data Sheet PDF 146KB
S1C63666 Data Sheet PDF 145KB
S1C6F632 Data Sheet PDF 91KB
Technical Manual S1C63616 Technical Manual PDF 7,061KB
S1C63632 Technical Manual PDF 1,292KB
S1C63654 Technical Manual PDF 1,395KB
S1C63656 Technical Manual PDF 1,450KB
S1C63658 Technical Manual PDF 1,508KB
S1C63666 Technical Manual PDF 1,288KB
S1C6F632 Technical Manual PDF 1,630KB
S1C63700 series Data Sheet S1C63709 Data Sheet PDF 103KB
Technical Manual S1C63709 Technical Manual PDF 1,561KB
S1C05112 (EPD Driver) Technical Manual S1C05112 Technical Manual PDF 328KB
S1C05250 series(peripheral) Data Sheet S1C05251 Data Sheet PDF 172KB
Technical Manual S1C05250 Technical Manual PDF 296KB
S1C05251 Technical Manual PDF 338KB
Development tool Hardware Tool Data Sheet S5U1C6F632T1100/T1200 Data Sheet (SVT6F632) PDF 128KB
Software Tool Manual S5U1C63000A Manual (S1C63 Family Assembler Package) PDF 7,089KB
S5U1C63557D Manual (Development Software Tool for S1C63557) PDF 232KB
S5U1C63558D Manual (Development Software Tool for S1C63558) PDF 233KB
S5U1C88000Q Manual (S1C63/S1C88 Family Embedded System Simulator Package) PDF 3,097KB
Hardware Tool Manual S5U1C63000H2 Manual (S1C63 Family In-Circuit Emulator) PDF 397KB
S5U1C63000H6 Manual(S1C63 Family In-Circuit Emulator) PDF 386KB
S5U1C63000P Manual (S1C63 Family Peripheral Circuit Borad) PDF 141KB
S5U1C63000P6 Manual (S1C63Family Peripheral Circuit Board) PDF 189KB
S5U1C63002P Manual (Peripheral Circuit Board for S1C63158/63358) PDF 257KB
S5U1C63004P Manual (Peripheral Circuit Board for S1C63454/63455/63458/63466) PDF 237KB
S5U1C63005P Manual (Peripheral Circuit Board for S1C63256) PDF 254KB
S5U1C63007P Manual (Peripheral Circuit Board for S1C63557/63558/63567) PDF 243KB
S5U1C6F666T11 Manual (S1C6F666/S1C05112 Demonstration Tool) PDF 531KB
MP Support Tool Software Tool Manual For S1C63 Family Flash microcontroller Multiple-Programming ROM Writer Software(GW63) PDF 242KB

16-bit Microcontrollers [ S1C17 family ]

  Core CPU Manual S1C17 Family Core Manual PDF 1,347KB
Startup Manual S1C17Family Startup Manual (C language) PDF 810KB
S1C17Family Startup Manual (Assembler version) PDF 391KB
S1C17xxx series Data Sheet S1C17001 Data Sheet PDF 107KB
S1C17002 Data Sheet PDF 165KB
S1C17003 Data Sheet PDF 161KB
S1C17121 Data Sheet PDF 143KB
S1C17153 Data Sheet PDF 129KB
S1C17554/564 Data Sheet PDF 160KB
S1C17555/565/955/965 Data Sheet PDF 174KB
S1C17589 Data Sheet PDF 657KB
S1C17601 Data Sheet PDF 144KB
S1C17602 Data Sheet PDF 135KB
S1C17611 Data Sheet PDF 191KB
S1C17624/604/622/602/621 Data Sheet PDF 2,946KB
S1C17651 Data Sheet PDF 140KB
S1C17653 Data Sheet PDF 476KB
S1C17656 Data Sheet PDF 400KB
S1C17701 Data Sheet PDF 108KB
S1C17702 Data Sheet PDF 145KB
S1C17704 Data Sheet PDF 144KB
S1C17703/705 Data Sheet PDF 206KB
S1C17706 Data Sheet PDF 163KB
S1C17711 Data Sheet PDF 113KB
S1C17803 Data Sheet PDF 165KB
S1C17F57 Data Sheet PDF 110KB
S1C17M01 Data Sheet PDF 117KB
S1C17M10 Data Sheet PDF 372KB
S7C17M11 Data Sheet PDF 759KB
S1C17M12/13 Data Sheet PDF 926KB
S1C17M20/21/22/23/24/25 Data Sheet PDF 903KB
S1C17M30/31/32/33/34 Data Sheet PDF 1,042KB
S1C17W03/04 Data Sheet PDF 561KB
S1C17W12/13 Data Sheet PDF 985KB
S1C17W14/16 Data Sheet PDF 1,616KB
S1C17W15 Data Sheet PDF 807KB
S1C17W18 Data Sheet PDF 660KB
S1C17W22/23 Data Sheet PDF 710KB
S1C17W34/35/36 Data Sheet PDF 522KB
Technical Manual S1C17001 Technical Manual PDF 2,576KB
S1C17002 Technical Manual PDF 3,165KB
S1C17003 Technical Manual PDF 2,733KB
S1C17121 Technical Manual PDF 3,994KB
S1C17153 Technical Manual PDF 3,434KB
S1C17554/564 Technical Manual PDF 3,888KB
S1C17555/565/955/965 Technical Manual PDF 4,869KB
S1C17589 Technical Manual PDF 8,975KB
S1C17601 Technical Manual PDF 3,395KB
S1C17624/604/622/602/621 Technical Manual PDF 3,650KB
S1C17611 Technical Manual PDF 1,213KB
S1C17651 Technical Manual PDF 1,785KB
S1C17653 Technical Manual PDF 1,842KB
S1C17656 Technical Manual PDF 4,327KB
S1C17701 Technical Manual PDF 2,238KB
S1C17702 Technical Manual PDF 2,653KB
S1C17704 Technical Manual PDF 2,724KB
S1C17703/705 Technical Manual PDF 14,438KB
S1C17706 Technical Manual PDF 10,835KB
S1C17711 Technical Manual PDF 2,693KB
S1C17801 Technical Manual PDF 4,738KB
S1C17803 Technical Manual PDF 7,470KB
S1C17F57 Technical Manual PDF 3,044KB
S1C17M01 Technical Manual PDF 7,377KB
S1C17M10 Technical Manual PDF 6,810KB
S1C17M11 Technical Manual PDF 7,713KB
S1C17M12/13 Technical Manual PDF 6,709KB
S1C17M20/21/22/23/24/25 Technical Manual PDF 7,672KB
S1C17M30/31/32/33/34 Technical Manual PDF 9,149KB
S1C17W03/04 Technical Manual PDF 9,802KB
S1C17W12/13 Technical Manual PDF 8,215KB
S1C17W14/16 Technical Manual PDF 10,932KB
S1C17W15 Technical Manual PDF 10,617KB
S1C17W18 Technical Manual PDF 11,642KB
S1C17W22/23 Technical Manual PDF 11,721KB
S1C17W34/35/36 Technical Manual PDF 9,149KB
S1D14F00 series Data Sheet S1D14F57 Data Sheet PDF 145KB
Technical Manual S1D14F57 Technical Manual PDF 1,145KB
Development tools Setup guide GNU17V3 setup guidePDF 4,945KB
Hardware Tool Data Sheet S5U1C17602T1100 Data Sheet (SVT17602) PDF 114KB
S5U1C17701T1100 Data Sheet (SVT17701) PDF 161KB
S5U1C17702T1100 Data Sheet (SVT17702) PDF 170KB
S5U1C17705T1100 Data Sheet (SVT17705) PDF 201KB
S5U1C17801T1100 Data Sheet (SVT17801) PDF 360KB
S5U1C17001W Data Sheet (Gang Programmer) PDF 195KB
Software Tool Manual S5U1C17001C GNU17 Manual (C Compiler Package for S1C17 Family) (Ver.1.5.0) PDF 13,162KB
S5U1C17001C GNU17 Manual (C Compiler Package for S1C17 Family) (Ver.2.0.0) PDF 15,572KB
S5U1C17001C GNU17 Manual (C Compiler Package for S1C17 Family) (Ver.2.1.0) PDF 22,192KB
S5U1C17001C GNU17 Manual (C Compiler Package for S1C17 Family) (Ver.2.2.0) PDF 16,336KB
S5U1C17001C GNU17 Manual (C Compiler Package for S1C17 Family) (Ver.2.3.0) PDF 16,505KB
S5U1C17001C GNU17 Manual (C Compiler Package for S1C17 Family) (Ver.2.4.0) PDF 17,805KB
S5U1C17001C GNU17 Manual (C Compiler Package for S1C17 Family) (Ver.3.0) PDF 4,257KB
S5U1C17001C GNU17 Manual (C Compiler Package for S1C17 Family) (Ver.3.1) PDF 2,717KB
Hardware Tool Manual S5U1C17001H User Manual (ICDminiv1.0 and 1.1) PDF 612KB
S5U1C17001H User Manual (ICDminiv2.0) PDF 484KB
S5U1C17001H User Manual (ICDminiv3.0) PDF 431KB
S5U1C17001W User Manual (Gang Programmer) PDF 899KB

32-bit Microcontrollers [ S1C33 family ]

ARM® [ S1C31 family ]

S1C31W00 series Data Sheet S1C31W74 Data Sheet PDF 754KB
Technical Manual S1C31W74 Technical Manual PDF 10,027KB
S1C31D00 series Data Sheet S1C31D01 Data Sheet PDF 854KB
S1C31D50 Data Sheet PDF 987KB
Technical Manual S1C31D50 Technical Manual PDF 8,974KB
Development tools Evaluation board Manual S5U1C31W74T1 Manual PDF 1,237KB
S5U1C31D01 Manual PDF 2,782KB
S5U1C31001L1200 Manual PDF 362KB