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S2D13V70 is an eDP(rev.1.4a) to Open LDI bridge device which can realize the connectivity between the eDP source to the display panel with the Open LDI interface. It can receive the data rate of 1.62Gbps/2.7Gbps with 1 lane/2lane eDP and convert it to transport with 2ch Open LDI signaling with the pixel clock frequency up to 148.5MHz (per 1ch). The specification is simple enough so that it can be easily inserted into existing system display architectures with minimal modifications required, making it an ideal solution for both existing and future designs.S2D13V70 is also qualified for automotive design including AEC-Q100 certification and several functional safety features.


Simple Bridge S2D13V70

Power Supply

3.3V / 1.8V dual supply


eDP rev.1.4a x 2Lane, Max 2.7Gbps/lane


OpenLDI-Tx x 2Ch, Max120MHz/ch

Display resolution

up to 1920 x 1200@60fps

Host IF


Image Correction

8-bit Digital Gamma LUT + 2-bit Dithering

Safety Feature

SPI connection (checksum function by 16byte cache)
Input pixel clock/sync. signal monitoring
CRC (Full screen / Register setting / Frame comparison)
Output watermark function
Blank screen
Error / Interrupt pins

Automotive QA

AEC-Q100 qualifications
Ta : -40 ~ 105


System Clock : 48MHz for always running clock
SPI Bridge (SPI Slave to Master bridge)
Splitter function (Line split / LR split)

Package PFBGA8-81 (8mm x 8mm x 1.2mm, 0.8mm pitch)
Briefsheet PDF
Status Under Development

Splitter Function

Splitter Function(Line or LR split)
Resolution size : Possible to sprit dual display within 1920×1080 resolution.

S2D13P04(Camera Interface IC)

Epson camera interface ICs is suitable for the multi camera system. They have the camera inputs of 4 channels and output with 4 kinds of modes; fixed chanel, mergence, auto scan, and compression. Because VRAM for the picture processing is built into, the camera interface of 4into1 can be achieved by single-chip.The number of the camera can be easily increased without any change from 1 camera system.


S2D13P04      S2S65P10

Camera Interface ICs lineup

Status Download Model name Outline
MP Document download S2D13P04 The S2D13P04 supports the NTSC/PAL signal. 4 video decoders are implemented to each 4 channels input independently,and video signal isoutput by stable frame rate.
MP S2S65P10 The S2S65P10 converts the interlace signal into the progressive signal. The digital output of the NTSC/PAL video decoder can be converted into progressive.

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