Scaler IC(S2D13V52)

The S2D13V52 is a Scaler used to upscale/downscale streaming image data from one resolution to another. An internal line buffer and special synchronization logic provide seamless transition from one display resolution to another. A full frame buffer is not required. Customer can develop optional resolution display system with existing Host CPU. S2D13V52 is qualified for automotive design including AEC Q100/IATF16949 compliance and several error detection features. Other features include a double buffered LUT for gamma correction, self-test image pattern generation, input crop, area blanking.


  • High Quality 4x4 Upscaler (1x ~ 2x)
  • Bi-Linear Downscaler (0.5x ~ 1x)
  • Gamma Correction
  • Input Crop
  • Area Blanking
  • Error Detection features
  • AEC Q100/IATF16949 compliant

Outline Specifications

Part Number


Power Supply

3.3V(I/O) / 1.8V(Internal)

Input Interface

OpenLDI-Rx (1ch/2ch)

Output Interface

OpenLDI-Tx (1ch/2ch)

Input Resolution

Max : ~1920 x 1080@60fps

Output Resolution

Max : ~2880 x 1080 or 2400 x 1400@60fps

Host Interface SPI/I2C

Image Correction

Gamma Correction

Error Detection

Input Video Data CRC Check
Hsync/Vsync/DE Watch Dog Timer
OpenLDI Input Clock Stop Check
Input/Output Resolution Check

Automotive QA

AEC-Q100 compliant

Operating Temperature -40~+105℃


Internal PLL
Self test image pattern generation


H4QFP15-100-pin (P-TQFP100-1414-0.50)

Video Contents