Camera Interface IC(S2D13P04)

Epson camera interface ICs is suitable for the multi camera system. They have the camera inputs of 4 channels and output with 4 kinds of modes; fixed chanel, mergence, auto scan, and compression. Because VRAM for the picture processing is built into, the camera interface of 4into1 can be achieved by single-chip.The number of the camera can be easily increased without any change from 1 camera system.


S2D13P04      S2S65P10

Camera Interface ICs lineup

Status Download Model name Outline
MP Document download S2D13P04 The S2D13P04 supports the NTSC/PAL signal. 4 video decoders are implemented to each 4 channels input independently,and video signal isoutput by stable frame rate.
MP S2S65P10 The S2S65P10 converts the interlace signal into the progressive signal. The digital output of the NTSC/PAL video decoder can be converted into progressive.