As a legacy device that can continue to be used

Epson has supported ASICs since 1982.
Our own wafer factory ensures a long-term supply.
This legacy devices are ideal for industrial equipment and other applications that require continued use over the long term without changing specifications.

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Gate Arrays

The Gate Array is a member of the ASIC family that offers Quick Turn Around Time during the development cycle at the lowest development cost. This is achieved by Epson stocking pre-fabricating Base/Bulk wafers that have transistors arranged in the form of an array. Our customers design the "wiring", that connects the transistors, that bring specific functionality to the design of the ASIC.

Bulk wafers are prefabricated with a different numbers of transistors giving customers a wide range of choices to implement their circuits, thereby giving customers a choice of adding or subtracting functionality from the design offering flexibility.

Details of Gate Arrays

Status Series    
S1L60000 0.25µm High speed and super-high integration
S1L50000 0.35µm Correspond to 5V interfaces, high speed and integration
S1L5V000 0.35µm 5V single power supply

Embedded Arrays

The Embedded Array combines the fast turn around time of gate arrays with the ability to implement system level functionality available in Standard Cell. The fast turn around is accomplished by starting some of the wafer fabrication processes in parallel with the Embedded array design process. In selecting an Embedded Array approach, the designer trades off the ability to change the Bulk in the last minute, possible with a gate array, with the need to implement system level functionality, with gate array like turn around.
By offering Gate Array, Standard Cells, and Embedded Arrays;Epson offers a choice to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Details of Embedded Arrays

Status Series    
MP - S1X80000 0.15µm Lower power consumption
S1X60000 0.25µm High speed and high integration
MP - S1X50000 0.35µm High functions(Macro cells), low power consumption

Standard Cells

Standard cells are semi-custom ICs that enable optimally designed internal logic cells, memories such as ROM and RAM, CPU, and analog circuits to be implemented all on the same chip. As such, standard cells enable more design flexibility than do gate arrays, offer more advanced functionality and higher integration,and can be developed as system LSI optimized for the customer's needs. Such optimization allows achieving ever more advanced functionality and low power consumption.

Details of Standard Cells

Status Series    
MP - S1K80000 0.15µm Lower power consumption

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