Epson offers simplest speech IC without traditional studio recording by a person. Our sophisticated codec engine eliminates such studio recording and generates neutral human sound quality as well as high compression rate. The Epson Voice/Audio IC enables a seamless IC platform to transform almost any applications into user-friendly voice prompted devices.

*Please request after purchasing Epson evaluation board

(1) Inform coming trouble in advance

  • ⤵ Battery Low

(2) Help to clear the Problem

  • !! Wrong Password

(3) Guidance for easily setting

  • ♪ Please press # and hold for more than 1sec

(4) Inform danger & action

  • !! Carbon monoxide warning, please open the window
  • !! Smoke Detected, Please go away

(5) Inform the setting result

  • ♪ set 180℃,10 min timer
  • ♪ set timer, it will be ready at 7:00 in the morning.

(6) Inform the result w/o reading

  • ♪ Systolic blood pressure is 128, diastolic blood pressure is 83.
  • !! 38.3℃

(7) Inform the ready

  • ♪ Cappuccino is ready
  • ♪ The cooking will be over in 3 min

(8) Produce a realism with good sound

: Voice guidance to avoid problems & dangers

: User-friendly voice guidance

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1. Epson's voice guide solution is so easy to use!

Usual approach to adding a voice function

Arranging voice talent and a studio takes time and money. You have to start again from arrangin the voice talent when there is a change of voice content.

Usual approach to adding a voice function
Epson's voice guide solution

Our solution uses a voice synthesis tool for PC, eliminating the need for studio recording, which is costly and time-consuming. That means there's no additional cost or time spent when there are suddenly changes to be made to the audio.

Epson's voice guide solution

2. Multilingual support


Japanese,  Chinese,  Korean


American English,  American Spanish,  Canadian French


British English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian

3. Even a small amount of ROM space can hold a lot of audio data

Epson’s proprietary high-sound-quality compression algorithm achieves ROM sizes only 1/4 to 2/3 the size of ADPC.
Storing more audio data with the same amount of ROM allows this solution to save space and support multiple languages.

Even a small amount of ROM space can hold a lot of audio data

Examples of applications

Electronic lock
Fire alarm

Voice Sample


1 Registration failed. (US English)

2 Battery is low. (US English)

3 All is normal. (US English)

4 Smoke has been detected. (US English)

5 Fatal error. Turn off power. (US English)

Customer comments

Customer comments