The S2R72A44F12C4, S2R72A43F12C4, S2R72A42F12C4, S2R72A44F07E2, S2R72A43F07E2 and S2R72A42F07E2 are USB hub controller LSIs supporting USB 2.0 (Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0) high-speed mode. They meet the stringent quality requirements for automotive use and are capable of operating at temperatures up to 105℃.

All LSIs in the range feature two downstream ports supporting high-speed mode, while the number of downstream ports supporting full-speed mode varies for individual LSI types. Using the A44, A43 or A42 enables the main chip USB host port to be easily expanded to allow the connection of multiple USB devices such as ETC devices to car navigation systems.

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