Two filters are used to minimize the amount of light emitted by the LED, achieving low power consumption and high accuracy.

  • Consumes just 25μA of power
  • Small, thin package (height: 0.85mm)
  • Healthcare algorithms
  • Two photodiodes and three LEDs for high sensitivity



Name E64E508
Package size Width: 5.65mm
Depth: 3.6mm
Height: 0.85mm
Vital signs HR, PPI, SpO2
Package Constitution 3LEDs + 2Photodiodes(PD)
Light source color Green, Red,
Current consumption HR, PPI: 25μA,
SpO2: 600μA

Evaluation Kit

The E64E508 evaluation kit can check pulse waves on wrists, arms, fingers, etc.
Supports I²C communication and connects to your development environment.
Easily evaluate using the accessory software and Analog Discovery 2.
The E64E508 evaluation kit is equipped with a PPG sensor and AFE.


SDK for daily activity level and healthcare provided.
The SDK uses E508 and accelerometers.
The SDK requires Arm® Cortex ® -M4F or later processor.
A package of 10 algorithms is available for purchase.

Arm® Cortex®-M4F is a registered trademark of Arm Limited.


  • For Sports
  • For Healthcare
  • For Daily activity


For more details, please refer to the link below.

Visual Sensing Module Developer Site

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