Measurement MCU

MCU for Flow Meter

The S1C17M01 is an ultra low-power MCU equipped with an MR (magneto resistive) sensor controller that allows an MR sensor array optimized for flow measurement to be directly connected. This IC includes an LCD driver to display the flow count and the readouts on the indicator. It also provides a synchronous serial interface, UART, and I2C interface for wireless communication with a remote meter reading system. This IC allows measurement of various environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity using the R/F converter, and measurement of supply voltage using the supply voltage detector.

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1. Accurate Rotation Detection

The embedded MR sensor controller allows MR sensors to be directly connected to the MCU supporting devices such as flow meters. This allows the MCU to receive analog rotation phase signals from an MR sensor to detect normal rotations, reverse rotations, stops, and phase dropouts. The MCU counts the number of detections.

Detect of accurate rotation number

2.Energy Saving

Epson's unique low-leakage, low-power process realizes low current consumption and contributes to longer battery life.

Energy Saving