Engineers with Vision

What Technology Development Means to Epson

Creating a new connected age of people, things and information with our efficient, compact and precision technologies

Epson is a product developer, designer, and manufacturer. Our strength comes from having solid platform technologies that originated in the watch industry, including micromachining, quartz, semiconductor, and display technologies.

The goal of technology development at Epson is to create the seeds of future business by crossbreeding new and existing technologies to create new platform technologies that are aligned with macro trends and with our own mid- and long-term corporate strategies.

To be successful we have to exploit our efficient, compact and precision technologies to drive further advances in core technology platforms such as Micro Piezo, microdisplays, sensing, and robotics, and provide ongoing value to customers in the form of groundbreaking products. Taking advantage of advances in information and communications technology will be essential as we seek to generate value that exceeds customer expectations in our efforts to create a new connected age of people, things and information.

Strengthening Our Technology Infrastructure

Creating value by improving the technology underpinning next-generation products

Epson relentlessly pursues the refinement of its efficient, compact, and precision technologies. We continue to advance our actuator, optical control, sensor, and other technologies while also bringing in information and communications technology to continue to create new customer value.

Development projects

  • Development of unique technology such as next-generation inkjet key component technology
  • Development of software technology such as deep learning, data mining, image processing, high-speed data processing
  • Development of new materials such as bonding agents used to recycle paper and phosphor used in projector phosphor wheels