Engineer Interviews

We will continue to advance and refine our technologies to solve societal issues and to play a major role in the realization of a sustainable society. You can learn more from interviews with Epson engineers engaged in the development of our innovative technologies.


New Areas of Printing Enabled by Epson's Inkjet Heads

Inkjet-Solution Technology & Business Development DepartmentWatanabe


Epson's inkjet printheads have potential uses in a wider range of applications beyond the traditional business segment.


Color Control Technology

Software Technology Development Department General ManagerNunokawa

Software Technology Development Department ManagerMatsuzaka

Color Control Technology

Color Control Technology is image processing technology that reproduces the colors customers envision with a set of five technologies: color prediction, color profiling, color transformation, color optimization, and color separation. We asked an engineer who was involved in the development of this high-precision software to tell us about it.

Environment IconEnvironment

Dry Fiber Technology and PaperLab, the World's First Dry Process Office Papermaking System

PL Business Management Department ManagerGomi


Epson's Dry Fiber Technology produces highly functional materials by defibrating, binding, and forming fibrous waste as needed depending on the application. This technology is used in the PaperLab, the world's first dry-process office papermaking system. This is an interview with a PaperLab engineer.

Projectors IconProjectors

The Development of Laser Projectors, Their Applications, and What Lies Ahead

VP Planning & Design Department ManagerToyooka

VP Planning & Design DepartmentZakoji


We asked two of the engineers who were involved in the development of laser projectors about the technology that eliminates flicker and results in stunning images, as well as about potential new forms of visual communication that this technology could create.

Wearables IconWearables

Driving the Further Evolution of Mechanical Wristwatches by Combining Epson's Manufacturing Technology with Skilled Craftsmanship

WP Development Design & Engineering DepartmentTakano

WP Development Design & Engineering DepartmentMukaiyama


Epson's mechanical wristwatches in the Orient and Orient Star lines have a history that traces back more than 70 years. We asked two men who have long been involved with these watches to share anecdotes from the untold story behind the technology development of the 46-F8 movement.

Robots IconRobots

Innovations Brought About by the Convergence of Robotics and Sensing Technologies

RS Planning & Design DepartmentMotoyoshi

RS Planning & Design DepartmentKawai


We interviewed a couple of robotic systems engineers to learn about the special features of Epson robots and the fields in which they are used. We also asked about gyro sensor-based control technology, what prompted Epson to develop force sensors, and what kinds of issues were faced.

Devices IconDevices

The Future of Gyro Sensors in Applications that Make the World Safer and Better

TD Products Development DepartmentShimizu

Gyro Sensors

Norifumi Shimizu is involved in the development of gyro sensors used for vehicle body control and safety device control. We asked him about product features, future prospects, and his thoughts on development.

Devices IconDevices

Semiconductors that Solve Issues

IC Product Development DepartmentYamada


Epson's semiconductor business has many different technologies and products. We interviewed a senior engineer involved in the development of ICs for in-vehicle applications about product features, future prospects, and his thoughts on development.

Smart GlassesSmart Glasses

Moverio and the Future of Visual Innovation

VSM ProjectFujimaki


Unlike most manufacturers, Epson purposefully took on the challenge of developing a see-through head-mounted display. We spoke with a system design engineer for Epson's Moverio smart glasses to learn why Epson chose to go this route and to find out the vision for the future.

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