N Seoul Tower

Country or Region: South Korea


Introduction of the Case

A 660m2 immersive media art exhibition space was newly opened at the entrance of the N Tower Observatory Deck. Epson projectors with ultra short throw lens were used to create a media art exhibition in the limited space. Forty Epson high brightness laser projectors present a fantastic view of Seoul.

Decision Factor

Epson projectors and ELPLX01 lenses were chosen due to more clearly and vividly even in the low ceiling or short projection spaces and installation flexibility in limited spaces. They chose excellent color brightness projectors to express Seoul's unique colors and movements vividly.


The relatively low ceiling height considering the size of the space was our concern. We handled the problem by using Epson's ELPLX01 ultra short throw lens. This lens can project screens as large as 100 inches with a short projection distance of about 78 cm, thanks to its 0.35:1 throw ratio.

When regular short throw lenses are used in spaced similar to this specification, you need to use more than twice the number of projectors than now. Thanks to Epson's high brightness and ultra short throw lenses, we are able to reduce the number of installations by half and also reduce installation costs and other added costs now.


EB-L1200U (7,000lm) × 34
EB-L610U (6,000 lm) × 4


ELPLX01 × 34