Museum of Siam

Country or Region: Thailand


Introduction of the Case

Museum of Siam installed projectors for guests to play and learn through the experience of interactive exhibits. Nine units Epson projectors are installed in 4 rooms.

Decision Factor

Epson was chosen due to installation flexibility thanks to wide range of lenses and brightness which light enough for installation at any direction. Also, reliability based on actual use for past long years was one of the decision factor for them.


Museum of Siam installed 9 units of the Epson EB-G7400U with ELPLU03 suspended on the ceiling for projection mapping and interactive exhibits.
The main reason why they chose Epson projectors is the flexibility such as the exchangeable lenses and compact size for installation at any direction.


EB-G7400U (5,500lm) × 9


ELPLU03 × 9