Apple Approval Process for Application for Epson's Made for iOS (MFi) printer series

In order to have your application for Epson MFi series POS printers approved and made available on Apple's App Store (or Apple's B2B AppStore), please follow the instructions below.

[Note] Please make sure that you need to send this application process to Epson by seeing if you meet both of conditions below.

(1) You will register your application using Epson MFi series POS printer on Apple's App Store or Apple B2B AppStore.

(2) Your application is connecting Epson MFi series POS printer by Bluetooth interface or Lightning to USB Cable.

  1. Enroll in Apple's iOS Developer Program.
  2. Download “Epson ePOS SDK for iOS” for Epson MFi series printers and develop applications using this.
  3. Apply using the following Epson's online form called the Application Information .
  4. Epson sends your "Application Information" Apple.
    [Note] The"'Developer Information"' part on the sheet will be kept and used by the Epson sales company for communication purposes only. After any communications are complete, any "'Developer Information"' will be deleted immediately.
  5. After Apple notifies Epson that the Application Information Sheet has been reviewed, Epson will notify you about the result. It usually takes no more than 5 business days. Epson will then provide you with an Application Submitting Guide including an MFI PPID (Made for iOS Product Plan ID).
  6. Submit your application to the Apple App Store and enter the MFi PPID in the App metadata review notes field.
    [Note] Apple reviews and posts applications to the App Store within 1 to 2 weeks if Apple has no other concerns regarding the application. Apple will notify you when this is completed.