Seiko Epson Corp. offers high performance Accelerometers.
These products also support high dynamic range, low drift, digital output and 3.3V power supply.
Here is the comparison table of Epson Accelerometer products. Please select Part Number for more detail product information.

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Accelerometer Product Line-up

Part# Acc.Range
Output Rate
Type Interface Pkg. Size
Operating Temp.
Brief Sheet
M-A351AS ±5 50 500 0.06 Built-in SPI 24x24x19
-20 to +85 pdf
M-A351AU 100 1,000 UART
M-A550AC2 ±5 50 500 0.06 Waterproof & Dust proof CAN 52x52x25
-20 to +70 pdf
M-A550AR2 RS422 pdf

Technical Information

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