32bit (Non Promotion)

When you use PC with 64bit OS

Please use GNU33 Ver4.2.0 or upper version.
Please use ICD33v6 firmware which is updated to Ver1.5 or upper version.

The latest Firmware The latest FirmwareVer1.5 (Ver1.5)

  • * It occurs the phenomenon that the program download speed of Ver1.5 falls as compared with one of Ver1.4. It is better to use Ver1.4 if GNU33 works on 32bit OS.
  • * Please inform us the case in use except S5U1C33001H1400(ICD33v6) or if you have any questions.

Confirmation method of the firmware version

  1. Connect ICD to PC with USB cable
  2. Please double-clicked "ver_check_e.bat(included to the upper package", and confirm the version of the firmware