32bit (Non Promotion)

Necessary Tool

Common On chip ICE S5U1C33001H

Necessary tools,
The following two items are always necessary.
  • S5U1C33001H Common in-circuit Debugger
  • S5U1C33001C C Compiler Package
S5U1C33001H(In-Circuit Debugger for the S1C33 Family) is a hardware tool (emulator) for efficient software development of the S1C33 Family of 32-bit Single Chip Microcontrollers. The software development environment using S5U1C33001H is provided simply by setting several signal terminals on the S1C33 chip in the target system.
Product Part number Hardware Manual
Firmware Comment
S5U1C33001H1400 (Ver. 6.0)



(Ver. 1.4) for 32bit OS
* When you use PC with 64bit OS
  • S5U1C17001H1100 (Ver 1.0)
  • S5U1C17001H1200 (Ver 1.1)
  • S5U1C17001H2100 (Ver 2.0)
Refer to S1C17 Family

* After installation, please update firmware according to the manual in installed folder.

Optional Tool

Tool Hardware Manual
(Contains Schematic and Bomlist)
SVT33L17 PDF For S1C33L17