FPC Assembly Business

Reel-to-reel FPC products and various assembly services

Epson meets a wide range of customers' needs from FPC(Flexible Printed Circuit) products alone for COF (Chip On Film) to module products.


Product Features
COF Epson IC chips mounted on FPCs: Chip-On-Film (COF) devices
TCM Board-reinforced Tape Carrier Module where or COF is mounted with other SMDs
FPC Production and sales of FPCs alone for COF products
Assembly service FPC assembly services on contract for COF, and TCM products. Total FPC assembly services including the design and component procurement (production) are available as well as FPC assembly for Epson foundry ICs.

Development roadmap

Development roadmaps and presentations on new materials, new assembly and finer process technologies are available on request.

Design guides

Design guides for COF, TCM, and FPC are available on request.


Please complete the following inquiry form for further information and send it to an Epson sales representative in your region.

Specification checklists for custom COF/TCM/FPC/contract assembly EXCEL (190KB)

International sales operations

If you have further questions, please contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our engineers.