Epson's device technology
is contributing to the
development of a smart society.

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Epson develops low-power, small, high-precision devices that enable social infrastructure.
We are integrating crystal and semiconductor technologies to propose optimal solutions for each application.


Extremely low power consumption and LCD driver technologies are hallmarks of our semiconductor products. We have leveraged these technologies to expand our product lineup to include ASICs, MCUs, and LCD controllers. Epson's semiconductors help to increase the power efficiency of countless electronic devices.

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Timing Devices

Epson is a global leader in the crystal devices industry.Taking advantage of the craftmanship we have cultivated over the years, we are improving manufacturing every day with our advanced production technology. We are boosting the range of our compact and high-precision products for the 5G, IoT and automobile markets.

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Sensing Devices

Epson's sensors employ quartz crystals for high stability, high sensitivity and low noise. Our angular velocity sensing gyro sensors are used in digital cameras for image stabilization. They are also used in the autonomous driving of automated guided vehicles. Our inertial measurement units (IMU) have a wide range of applications, from autonomous driving and automatic control to attitude measurement and stabilization control. Our acceleration and vibration sensors are being effectively deployed machine and building vibration analysis applications and in structural health monitoring of civil infrastructure to ensure safety.

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