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To help our customers take full advantage of their Epson assembly robots and to use them with maximum safety and efficiency, Seiko Epson offers training in robot programming and maintenance.


Training Courses Contents

Introductory Programming Course

This course is intended for people who want to learn more about the basic operation of their Epson robot.

Day 1

  • About safety matters
    Basic knowledge of industrial robots
  • Basic knowledge of teaching and other relevant operations
  • How to operate a robot
  • How to teach a robot (Teaching operation)
  • Basic programming *1
  • Filing
  • Day-to-day maintenance

Day 2

  • Operation Commands, Setting operation speed
  • Basic Programming *2
  • Advanced Programming

Maintenance Course

This course is intended for persons who are responsible for robot maintenance. Course participants must have completed the introductory programming course or equivalent training. The course aims to provide participants with a knowledge of the fundamentals of robot maintenance.

Day 1

  • Maintenance of mechanical system
    Motor Replacement
    Reduction Gear Replacement
    Timing Belt Replacement
    Ball Screw Spline Shaft Replacement
    Encoder Backup Battery Replacement
    (Absolute Encoder-type)
    Calibration Procedure
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Question and Answer

Day 2

  • Maintenance of electrical system
  • Drive Unit
    Motor Power Module Replacement
    Drive Power Board Replacement
    Drive Main Board Replacement
    Motor Driver Module Replacement
    Regenerative Module Replacement
  • Control Unit
    Back up and restore of various data and parameters
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Question and Answer

Place of training and contact

Seiko Epson Corporation
Robot Sales Group

6925,Tazawa,Toyoshina,Azumino-shi,Nagano-ken 399-8285 Japan
TEL: 81-263-72-1530
FAX: 81-263-72-1495