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RS series

A unique rotating arm mechanism for unparalleled freedom of movement.

  • Outstanding productivity in limited space.
  • Ceiling mount and rotating arm enable work piece to be accessed from any direction.

Ceiling mountingRotator arm

Main Specifications

Model name RS3 RS4
Max.Payload 3 kg 4 kg
Arm length 350 mm 550 mm
Cycle time*1 0.34 sec 0.39 sec
Repeatability ±0.01 mm ±0.015 mm
Operating environment specifications Standard / Cleanroom & ESD
Mounting method Ceiling mounting
Compliant controller RC180 / RC620 / RC700-A

*1:Rough positioning with a 1 kg payload and using an arch motion (there are back in a 300-mm horizontal and 25-mm vertical motion)