End effector options

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A wide range of controller options can be employed to further expand the variety of process tasks that you can automate.

External wiriing unit

external wiring unit

Simplifies wiring when mounting end effector options

  • Enables easy, onsite connection of external wiring by users.
  • Ideal for connecting Vison Guide system camera cables or other wirng.

Tool adapters

Enhances handling/processing versatility and simplifies effector changes

Brake release units

Enables brake release so robot arm can be moved by hand when power is switched off

Power and signal cables

Standard 3m cables, or optional 5m and 10m cables for greater freedom in controller and robot placement

Camera mounting bracket

Securely mount machien vision system camera to robot arm

Camera mounting braket

RC700DU-A drive unit


A multi-effector drive unit to increase the number of robots that can be controlled with a single RC700-A controller