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C3 Series

S5 series

The robots in the S5 series, the S5 and the S5L, carry on the tradition of the PS series of vertical six-axis robots, which come with Epson's original Smart Motion Control technology, a package that provides outstanding continuous-path control and enables high speed with low vibration. The new robots are engineered for fast, accurate assembly of even smaller components, and their slim design makes them even more space efficient.


  1. Among best in class agility and repeatability
    • Standard cycle times in the 0.4-second range (with a 1-kg load), and repeatability of +/-0.02 mm (S5) and +/-0.03 mm (S5L)

  2. Compact systems, with a slim body and small, dexterous wrist
    • The S5 series robots have an operating area that is 1.7 times larger than of their predecessors and that is 46 times (S5) and 87 times (S5L) the cubic volume (arm area) of the robot.
    • The small elbow has about half the radius of its predecessor.
    • The J5 axis has a operating range 10% wider than that of its predecessors, with a dexterous, +/-135-degree pitch wrist.

Main Specifications

Model name S5 S5L
Arm length 706mm 895mm
Cycle time 1*1 0.44 sec 0.49 sec
Repeatability ±0.02mm ±0.03mm
Payload 5 kg(7kg) max. *2
Environmental specs. Standard / Clean / Protection
Mounting method Table top / Ceiling mounting / Wall mounting
Compliant controllers RC180 & RC620

*1:Rough positioning with a 1 kg payload and using an arch motion (there are back in a 300-mm horizontal and 25-mm vertical motion)
*2:A maximum payload of 7 kg is possible under certain conditions, such as when the wrist is pointing downward.