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N2 series

New arm mechanism offers the ultimate in space-saving performance

N2 Series

All-new folding arm mechanism — a world's-first(*1) in 6-axis robot design — enables complex, high-precision assembly tasks to be performed in extremely limited space, making the N2 series ideal for precision, small-component assembly and other applications that demand high space efficiency.

*1: Epson research; among 6-axis robots (as of October 2015)

Installs in 40% less space

Conventional 6-axis robots require elbow room to operate, and workcells must be large enough to ensure that adjoining units do not interfere with each other when operating. Epson N2 series robots feature a unique new folding arm that allows them to operate in 40% less space than C4 series robots. As a result, workcells can be more compact, enabling factory floor space to be utilized more flexibly and efficiently.

Motion shortcuts for speedy access

Folding design enables the arm to be rotated 180° and extended in the opposite direction, using shortcut motion that reduces startup and cycle times without risk of interference with adjoining workcells.

Shortest accesses with unlimited circular movement

A series of 90° shortcut motions enables quick access to virtually any point 360° around the central axis. Cycle times are faster because the arm can move from point to point to access shelves or devices anywhere around the robot without performing a full rotation like a conventional 6-axis robot.

Tabletop or ceiling mount

EPSON RC+ controller software makes it easy to program the N2 series for either tabletop or ceiling mounting. Tabletop mounts can also face either way, allowing even greater freedom in workcell layout.

Main specifications

Model N2
Structure Vertical articulated (6 axis of freedom)
Max. Motion Range 450 mm
Repeatability ±0.02 mm
Payload Rated 1 / Max. 2.5 kg
Environmental spec. Standard
Mounting method Table top / Ceiling mounting
Controller RC700-A, RC700DU-A

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