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C8 series

- Slimline, lightweight, long-arm robots help lower barriers to automation -

C8 Series

Heavier payloads

Robots in the C8 series boast an 8-kg payload capacity, double that of the smaller C4 series. The higher transport load was achieved with the slimline arm thanks to Epson's unique vibration control technology. The higher payload capacity will allow the robots to use items such as heavier multi-grippers and tool changers, and will also enable the transport of heavy objects and the simultaneous transport of multiple workpieces.

Slimline arm with a maximum operating radius of 1,400 mm

Despite weighing only 62 kg, the C8XL boasts a maximum operating radius of 1,400 mm. The slender arm is better able to slip past surrounding objects without touching them, making this robot perfect for tasks that require the arm to enter confined spaces, such as is the case when removing parts from machine tools or molding machines. These features make the C8XL the best model for machine tending in the auto parts and electronic industries.

Flexible installation

Thanks to its lighter weight, the C8XL is still a table-top robot unlike many competitors that require ground fixing. It can be substituted for heavier robots with a similar reach.

Product Features

  1. Outstanding speed and precision
    • Increases throughput with best-in-class speed and accuracy.
    • Average cycle time in the 0.48 second range (8 kg payload), with repeatability of ±0.02mm (C8)
    • Average cycle time in the 0.50 second range (8 kg payload), with repeatability of ±0.03mm (C8L)
    • Average cycle time in the 0.72 second range (8 kg payload), with repeatability of ±0.05mm (C8XL)

  2. Slim body and dexterous wrist realize high space efficiency
    • Ideal when used in combination with high-speed SCARA transport robots or when used for standalone cell manufacturing system applications that demand high speed
    • These speedy, slim, lightweight manipulators can also be used in machine-tending applications.

Main specifications

Model C8 C8L C8XL
Structure Vertical articulated (6 axis of freedom)
Max. Motion Range 711 mm 901 mm 1400 mm
Cycle Time *1 0.48 sec 0.50 sec 0.72 sec
Repeatability ±0.02 mm ±0.03 mm ±0.05 mm
Payload Rated 3 / Max. 8 kg
Environmental spec. Standard / Cleanroom & ESD / Protection(IP67)
Mounting method Table top / Ceiling mounting
Controller RC700-A, RC700DU-A

*1:Rough positioning with a 8 kg payload and using an arch motion (there are back in a 300-mm horizontal and 25-mm vertical motion)

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