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C3 Series

C3 series

The C3 series is the latest model in the 6-axis robots to employ Epson's Smart Motion Control technology to enable high-speed movement with low-vibration. The robots in this series embody optimal functionality and performance for the precision assembly of small parts.

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Product Features

  1. Outstanding speed and precision
    • Increases throughput with best-in-class speed and accuracy.
    • Average cycle time in the 0.37 second range (1 kg load), with repeatability of ±0.02mm

  2. Slim body and dexterous wrist realize high space efficiency
    • Small elbow area (3rd joint) approx. half that of the current model.
    • Less interference with peripherals, walls and ceiling permits more compact installation.
    • Compact wrist (5th joint) with wide motion range enables smooth movement and the ability to work from many angles.
    • Minimal interference with surroundings improves flexibility in hand design.

Main specifications

Model C3
Structure Vertical articulated (6 axis of freedom)
Max. Motion Range 600 mm
Cycle Time (1 kg work load) 0.37 sec
Repeatability ±0.02 mm
Payload Rated 1 / Max. 3 kg (5 kg)
Environmental spec. Standard / Clean
Mounting method Table top / Ceiling mounting / Skewed mounting / Wall mounting
Controller RC180 & RC620

*1:Rough positioning with a 1 kg payload and using an arch motion (there are back in a 300-mm horizontal and 25-mm vertical motion)
*2:A maximum payload of 5 kg is possible under certain conditions, such as when the wrist is pointing downward.