2008 Tokyo International Packing Exhibition (Tokyo Pack 2008)

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TOKYO PACK 2008 (Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition 2008) was held on 7-11 October.
We appreciate having many visitors to the Epson booth.
The display of application G-series SCARA robot & Image processing option Vision Guide 5.0 brought us many reactions. We could see the increasing interest in the robot automation.
We introduce the displayed products hereinafter with demonstration movies.
We are making every possible effort to improve the quality of products. We would like to offer products and solutions that meet your expectation.

Introduction of Exhibit Products

  • SCARA Robot G6 (Table top mounting) + Vision Guide 5.0
    Pickup from conveyor and packing to pallet
  • SCARA Robot G20
    Quick transfer of heavy and eccentric work piece
  • Space-saving robot cell of compact SCARA Robot GW + Vision Guide 5.0
    Precise parts positioning and transfer (Reference exhibit)

Click here to view the demonstration movie of the robots.

  • SCARA Robot G6
  • SCARA Robot G20
  • SCARA Robot GW (Reference exhibit)
  • Image processing option Vision Guide5.0
  • Compact Controller RC180
  • Operator Panel (OP1)

Photos of Epson booth

Photos of Epson booth Photos of Epson booth Photos of Epson booth