Application Examples

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High-speed packing in boxes of cookies running on a conveyor

Kotobuki Seika Co., Ltd.

Let's see an example of an automated system that uses an Epson robot.

Packing in box in high speed of the cookies running on the conveyor

System features

Packaged cookies are picked up from a conveyor and neatly placed in boxes.

The cookies are moving at a constant speed and are placed at a regular pitch.
Since there is little variation in cookie position and angle, no image processing equipment is used. In addition, position and angle correction are not necessary in this process.

System configuration

Scara Robot [G3 series]
Suitable for High speed transfer
Max. payload 3 kg
Arm length 250 / 300 / 350 mm
Mounting type Table Top / Multiple Mounting
Environment Standard / Cleanroom (Anti-Static)

System details

The robot is taught positions and to work in conjunction with the conveyor to pick up cookies and pack them in boxes.
Since the conveyor moves at high speed, two robots work together to pick up and pack the cookies.
The first robot picks up every second cookie.
The second robot picks up the remaining cookies.

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