Application Examples

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Sorting three types of parts running on a conveyor and packing them in pallets

Epson robots were displayed at the 2008 Automotive Parts Product Solution Fair

Let's see an example of an automated system that uses an Epson robot.

Sort out 3 parts running on the conveyor and pack in the box

System features

Three different types of small, wafer-like workpieces are running together on a conveyor.
An image processing system detects the type, location, and rotational position of each workpiece. A robot then sorts the workpieces as it places them on a second conveyor. A second robot packs the workpieces in trays.
No other positioning device or loading pallet are necessary.

System configuration

Scara Robot [G6 series]
Suitable for High speed transfer
Max. payload 6 kg
Arm length 450 / 550 / 650 mm
Mounting type Table Top / Ceiling / Wall
Environment Standard / Cleanroom / Protected (Protection class IP54 / IP65)
Camera Image Processing System [Vision Guide 5.0]

System details

Taking advantage of their layout flexibility, the robots are wall-mounted to free up the working area beneath them.

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