Application Examples

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Alignment and packaging of parts running on a conveyor

Epson robots were displayed at Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition 2008
(Tokyo Pack 2008)

Let's see an example of an automated system that uses an Epson robot.

Alignment packing of parts running on the conveyor

System features

  • A high-speed assembly robot quickly and nimbly aligns and packages workpieces
  • An image processing system flexibly adapts to various parts
  • A step feeder assists the robot in picking up scattered workpieces
  • Easy parts replacement
  • Shortens downtime
  • Reduces system costs

System configuration

Scara Robot [G6 series]
Suitable for High speed transfer
Max. payload 6 kg
Arm length 450 / 550 / 650 mm
Mounting type Table Top / Ceiling / Wall
Environment Standard / Cleanroom / Protected (Protection class IP54 / IP65)
Camera Image Processing System [Vision Guide 5.0]

System details

The camera captures images of the workpieces, the locations and shapes of which are recognized by the image processing system, enabling the robot to pick up workpieces that are lying on their sides and place them upright in a packing box.

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