See, sense, think, and react "Autonomous Dual-arm Robot"

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Autonomous dual-arm robot

International Robot Exhibition 2013 ("IREX 2013") was held from November 6-9.
Epson generated a lot of excitement at the show with demonstrations of an autonomous dual-arm robot.
Equipped with vision and force-sensing functions, this robot can autonomously execute tasks by recognizing objects, making decisions, and adjusting the amount of force applied, on the fly.

Main features

  1. Begins a task with simple teaching
    Even users who have little experience with automation can easily install and use the robot because, once the robot has been taught objects and task scenarios, it can independently make decisions and accomplish a variety of tasks. The robot automatically avoids collisions and adjusts its grip on objects such as components and tools even without being taught.
  2. Uses common, general-purpose tools
    Unlike past production line robots, which require special expensive tools and complicated peripheral equipment, the new robot can use the same inexpensive, off-the-shelf tools as people, no modification required.
  3. Easy to relocate and reinstall
    A feature that enables the robot to accurately recognize the position and orientation of an object in three-dimensional space also enables the robot to immediately start any task even after the robot has been moved to and installed in a new location. The robot, capable of performing tasks in different locations everyday if necessary, is thus able to flexibly accommodate sudden changes to a production system.


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