TR60 Series

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  1. High Reliability
    • Low jam rate enabled by stable handling mechanism and special functions
    • Jam rate less than 1/5,000 (actual reference rate: less than 1/20,000)
  2. High accuracy in temperature control
    • Temperature can be controlled independently in each area
    • High precision and stable temperature control with stable LN2 evaporation
  3. Flexibility tor various test sites
    • 4-sites (square, In-Line)
    • 2-sites
    • 1-site
  4. High-speed index
  5. High throughput
  6. Small footprint (vertical docking)

Main specifications

Device type QFP, BGA, CSP, TSOP, PGA etc
3x3 to 32x32
Test mode 4-Sites (2x2)
4-Sites (4x2)
2-Sites (2x1)
4-Sites (1x2)
1-Sites (use one socket of 2site)
1-Sites (Center)*1
Heating method Heat press method
Index time 0.65 sec-
Max. throughput 4,000 UPH(Includes tray exchange time)
Binning Max. 6 bins (Auto 3, Manual 3 Bins)
Tray size JEDEC (135.9 x 315.0)mm, EIAJ
Temperature accuracy +40degC to +140degC ±3degC
-60degC to -40degC ±5degC*2
Soak(4site) 104 (26pcs)
136 (34pcs)
Machine dimension (mm) 1,570(W) x 1,270(D) x 1880(H)
Total weight 1,200 kg

*1 Factory option
*2 Choice of these factory options.