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NS7000 Series


  • Best handler for multi-site testing of integrated logic/memory devices
  • Capable of 16-site simultaneous testing


  • Expanded socket area enables docking to a wide variety of socket layouts



  1. Fllexible socket layout
    • Wide range of available socket layouts including "square 4-site"
  2. Outstanding basic functions
    • High throughput of 7300 UPH (units per hour) and index times from 0.36 sec.
    • Steady temperature due to use of a chamber in the test site
  3. Compatible with a wide range of device types (small, thin, etc.)
    • Damage-free testing of ultra thin devices in soft contact mode
    • Capable of testing small devices such as MLPTM and MLFTM
    • Capable of testing CMOS image sensors and RF devices
  4. Contact force controlled by electro-pneumatic regulator
  5. Auto teaching
    • Capable of auto teaching using auto-teaching jigs
  6. ESD (electrostatic discharge) reduction
    • Can provide required level of ESD protection
  7. Multi-lingual operation screen
    • Multi-language support available for operation screens
  8. Side-docking test head
  9. CE marking
  10. Options
    • One-touch Lock socket Plate
    • High Contact Pressure
    • Motor Rotator Hand
    • Wide Hot Plate
    • Cross Sensors
    • Different Tray Handling for Loading/Unloading

Main specifications

  NS-7000/NS-7080 NS-7080W/NS-7160W
Device type QFP,TSOP,CSP,BGA,QFN,PLCC,LGA,PGA,RF Device, CMOS Image sensor
Min. 3x3 to Max. 50x50 (Lead pitch: 0.4 mm or more)*1
Test mode 8-site (4x2)*2
Square 4-site (2x2)
In-Line 4-site(4x1)
Busy Shuttle (single)
16-site (8x2)*3
8-site (4x2)
Square 4-site (2x2)
In-Line 4-site(4x1)
Busy Shuttle (single)
Index time 0.36 sec
Throughput Max. 7,300 unit per hour
Temperature accuracy +50degC to + 90degC ±2degC*3
+90degC to +130degC ±3degC*3
Dimension (mm) 1,640(W) x 1,580(D) x 1860(H)*4 1,800(W) x 1,580(D) x 1860(H)*4
Weight Approx. 1,120Kg Applox. 1,190kg

*1 Depends on the socket size and socket pitch.
*2 For NS-7080
*3 FOr NS-7160