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SEGGER Microcontroller Adds Support to emWin Library for Epson Simple LCD Controllers

- Enhances LCD controller application software development environment for various applications -

emWin and simple LCD controller

- TOKYO, Japan, July 3, 2017 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") and SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH & Co. KG ("SEGGER") today announced that SEGGER will start supporting the emWin embedded GUI tool library for Epson's simple LCD controller series, including the S1D13L01, S1D13L02 and S1D13L04.

emWin is designed to provide an efficient, processor- and display controller-independent graphical user interface (GUI) for any application with a graphical display. Today's users expect high quality interfaces, and emWin allows development teams to generate clean graphics for user interfaces.

Compatible with single-task and multitask environments with a proprietary operating system or with any commercial RTOS, emWin is shipped as "C" source code. It can be adapted to physical and virtual displays of any size and with any LCD controller and CPU.

Epson's simpIe LCD controller series offers a low-cost, low-power solution that provides essential display controller functions. These LCD controllers are applicable to TFT LCD panels with resolutions ranging from QVGA to XGA, and are ideal for displays used in industrial equipment, medical instruments, measuring equipment, office equipment, home automation systems, and a host of other products.

emWin's capability to adapt to any display perfectly complements the flexibility of simple LCD controllers. emWin is available as full source code and can be used within a perpetual and royalty-free licensing model

With emWin widely considered the industry standard GUI development system, Epson is delighted for the support provided for Epson simple LCD controllers within the standard emWin package.

Features of emWin library for Epson simple LCD controllers

  • Any display working with simple LCD controllers is supported
  • Any color depth
  • Small footprint
  • Source code
  • Any IDE and toolchain
  • Any microcontroller
  • Optional RTOS use
  • Flexible memory interface, graphics and fonts can be stored in any memory space
  • VNC Support
  • All standard graphics supported (BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG)
  • Frame buffer management
  • Pre-defined standard skins
  • Window Manager available

Overview of simple LCDC series specifications

Features S1D13L01 S1D13L02 S1D13L04
Panel resolution and color depth WQVGA (480x272): 16M colors,
WVGA (640x480): 256 colors
WVGA*1 (800x480): 64k colors XGA (1024x768): 256k colors
Display memory Embedded
384 kB
1024 kB
External SDRAM
Up to 16 MB
CPU interface CPU bus Serial CPU bus CPU bus Serial
Picture-in-picture (PIP) Main + PIP Main x 2 + PIP x 2 Main + PIP x 2
Rotation 0,90,180,270º, 0,90,180,270º,Mirror 0, 180º, Mirror
Alpha blending Available Available Available
Gamma correction Available Available Available
Shrink, expand Available
Scroll Available Available Available
QFP package type Pitch/Size (mm) 15-128
0.4 / 14
0.5 / 28
0.5 / 28

*1 :Maximum pixel clock frequency is 29MHz


Please see the link below for further details.
Epson's Simple LCD Controllers.

SEGGER's emWin

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