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Matsumoto Yamaga FC to Use Epson Pulsense Activity Trackers in Heart Rate-Based Training

- Epson's wearable products help athletes maximize training efficiency -

Pulsense fitness band

- TOKYO, Japan, August 17, 2015 -

Epson recently provided Pulsense fitness bands, which feature built-in heart rate monitoring at the wrist, to the Matsumoto Yamaga Football Club, a team in Division I of the J-League for whom Epson serves as the main sponsor.

These popular activity trackers strap onto the wrist to accurately track heart rate as well as exercise intensity, calories burned, sleep quality, and even state of mind at rest. Pulsense fitness bands worn during aerobic exercise and other forms of heart rate-based training will capture data on factors such as exercise intensity that Matsumoto Yamaga players, manager, and coaches can view on a smartphone or PC. Since the data captured by Pulsense is stored in the Cloud and can be reviewed anytime and from anywhere, the players can use it in their free time, during individual training sessions, or to monitor their own physical condition.

The club's Physical Coach Élcio Minelli de Ávila said, "Regular training for matches is absolutely critical for maintaining and increasing the players' stamina, skills, and conditioning. Epson's fitness bands accurately measure pulse at the wrist and allow us to scientifically monitor the training of our athletes, so I believe they will help to give us a competitive edge."

Viewing data tracked by Pulsense

Data captured by Pulsense can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet PC, or PC using Epson's Pulsense View app. In addition to real-time heart rate monitoring, Pulsense bands track such things as your daily exercise, calories burned, steps taken, sleep patterns, and state of mind. Pulsense View has six displays that enable you to effortlessly interpret your data and help you to achieve your wellness and fitness goals.

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