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Kanagawa Institute of Technology Adopts Epson's Pulsense Activity Monitors for Health Promotion Project

- Wearable products to support continuous health monitoring of students and faculty -

PS-100 series


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- TOKYO, Japan, June 30, 2015 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") has announced that the Kanagawa Institute of Technology ("KAIT") has adopted Epson Pulsense activity monitors with built-in heart rate monitor for a health promotion project.

Released to market in 2014, these popular activity monitors strap onto the wrist to accurately track heart rate as well as exercise intensity, calories burned and state of the wearer's sleep. Students and faculty members who participate in the project at Kanagawa Institute of Technology will use Pulsense products (the PS-100 series and the PS-500B) to track their health data, which they can view on the KAIT Walker portal site.

The project, which will begin in June, will initially enlist a total of 70 participants, with more to be added each year. Pulsense will continuously monitor and capture a variety of objective data that participants will be able to view anytime and anywhere with a mobile app or website for the four years they spend in college. The project aims to help participants acquire while they are in school regular lifestyle habits that will form the basis for good health throughout their lives.

Kanagawa Institute of Technology's Health Promotion Project

The goal of the KAIT health promotion project is to help people develop regular lifestyle habits by providing an experience that deepens their understanding of health and by presenting them with objective facts borne out by the data. The students and faculty members who participate in the project will use a Pulsense activity monitor, a body composition scale, and a blood pressure gauge to take their own measurements. The data they take will automatically be sent to a KAIT data bank that participants will be able to check on the KAIT Walker portal site or a mobile app. Participants will use the objective health data that is collected to create a portfolio that they manage and monitor. The students will have access to professional, personalized advice from faculty members in the sports science field and in the Department of Nutrition and Life Science based on their portfolios, so that they can learn concrete ways in which improve their own lifestyles.
Epson Pulsense will be used in the measurement part of the KAIT health promotion project that is pictured below.

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