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Epson's Latest IC Test Handler Provides Test Environment Flexibility for Smartphone Makers

- Begins Accepting Orders for NS8040SH -

- TOKYO, Japan, January 9, 2015 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") today announced that it has begun accepting orders for the NS8040SH, the company's latest IC test handler, which transports, tests, and sorts chips.

Demand for low-end smartphones has soared in recent years in China and other emerging countries, spurring a wave of investment in new equipment among manufacturers of smartphone ICs. This demand is expected to continue, and semiconductor manufacturers are looking to increase production capacity.
The NS8040SH is equipped with Epson's Smart Motion Control, a unique robot control technology that allows tiny ICs to be reliably handled at high speeds. The NS8040SH has kept the same basic features as its popular predecessor, the NS8040, but gives users even more flexibility when it comes to building a test environment. This additional flexibility comes, in part, by increasing the standard contact force exerted when plugging ICs into test sockets to 1,200 newtons, which allows the handler to accommodate ICs with higher pin counts. Moreover, the handler can be configured to transport ICs in both inline 4-site test mode*1 and square 4-site test mode*2. It can also be upgraded to 8-site test mode*3.

*1 A mode in which four ICs are simultaneously tested in parallel
*2 A mode in which four ICs are arranged in a 2 x 2 configuration for simultaneous testing
*3 A mode in which eight ICs are simultaneously tested

IC test handlers are used in combination with other test equipment in IC inspection processes. They transport ICs to the test equipment for final performance testing and then sort the tested chips into "passed," "failed" or other appropriate bins according to appearance, electrical characteristics, or other user-defined criteria. The NS8040SH is capable of handling a wide variety of packages and pin counts. It is also capable of operating under different test conditions, such as under ambient temperature or high temperature. Inside the handlers are sophisticated robots that transport the devices under test. These robots require highly advanced control to precisely synchronize their movements.

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