Epson Ultimicron Equipped as Standard in Leica Visoflex Electronic Viewfinder for the Camera System LEICA T

- Boasts 2.36-million dot resolution -

Ultimicron electronic viewfinder panelUltimicron electronic viewfinder panel

Leica Visoflex electronic viewfinderLeica Visoflex electronic viewfinder

- TOKYO, Japan, July 3, 2014 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") today announced that its Ultimicron electronic viewfinder technology is equipped as standard in the Leica Visoflex electronic viewfinder for the new Leica T camera *1

Designed exclusively for the camera system LEICA T, Visoflex is an optional high-resolution electronic viewfinder that opens up new possibilities to expand customer's creative horizons.

First launched in 2009, Ultimicron is based on the HTPS technology that has been behind Epson's success as global projector market leader for thirteen successive years.*2 Thanks to high transmission technology, Ultimicron ensures sufficient visibility in any environment. Using Ultimicron, photographers can focus expertly reproducing rich color gradations and natural blurring when required. Measuring 0.48 inches diagonally, the Ultimicron boasts XGA (1024 x RGB x 768), 2.36 million dot resolution, and provides the quality required by Leica.
In addition, the use of a color filter prevents the color break-up*3 that can occur with other color systems when shooting fast-moving subjects and while panning. These specifications allow the creation of the easy-to-see and natural viewfinder strongly demanded by serious camera users.

Going forward, Epson will continue to refine its Ultimicron to suit superb quality electronic viewfinders.

*1Check with Leica for details of the camera system LEICA T.
*2 For 13 years from 2001 for projectors of 500 lumens and above. (Source: Futuresource Consulting Limited.)
*3 The phenomenon by which a transient image appears when photographers move the camera rapidly or shoot fast-moving subjects.

Electronic viewfinders and Epson's Ultimicron

Electronic viewfinders are employed mainly as the finders - the small windows used to view the subject of a photo - in digital cameras and camcorders using LCD screens. Epson's Ultimicron electronic viewfinders have the advantages of both high resolution and of being highly compact. This makes it easy for manufacturers to make the camera compact, and for users to focus the camera when taking pictures.

Amorphous alloy powderAmorphous alloy powderCamera using an Epson Ultimicron electronic viewfinder.

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