Epson Introduces New Programmable VCXOs

- Epson achieves world's lowest jitter and lowest power for a programmable VCXO -



VG7050EAN (left) and VG7050ECN (right)
programmable voltage-controlled crystal oscillators

- TOKYO, Japan, January 30, 2014 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson"), the world leader in quartz crystal technology, today introduces two low-jitter programmable voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO*1). The new products, the VG7050EAN and VG7050ECN, can be programmed over a range of 50 MHz to 800 MHz and achieve the lowest jitter (0.27 ps at 622.08 MHz) and lowest power consumption (70 mA at 3.3V) of any programmable VCXO in the industry.

Epson's VG7050EAN and VG7050ECN programmable VCXOs enable optical transmission equipment*2 to support multiple protocols and line rates with a single oscillator. Earlier equipment used either a single fixed-frequency oscillator which had to be swapped out to change frequencies or multiple fixed-frequency oscillators which increased board space and cost.

Seeking to solve these problems, Epson created the new low-jitter low-power programmable VCXOs by combining a highly accurate and stable high-frequency fundamental (HFF) crystal*3 that can oscillate at a fundamental frequency*4 over 100 MHz with a low-jitter fractional-n PLL IC*5. Epson's HFF crystal technology is more reliable than 3rd overtone crystals and achieves better phase noise and jitter than low-frequency fundamental crystals. As a result, Epson's VG7050EAN and VG7050ECN achieve the world's lowest jitter (0.27 ps) of any programmable VCXO at both SONET (622.08 MHz) and Ethernet (156.25 MHz) frequencies.

Both the VG7050EAN and VG7050ECN are factory programmed for frequency and absolute pull range (APR). The default settings can be overwritten using an I2C bus so users can program any output frequency and APR they require. To simplify multi-protocol designs, the VG7050ECN allows four frequencies to be pin-selectable.

Moving forward, Epson will leverage its unique technological strengths in crystal microfabrication and semiconductors to provide customers with device solutions that are safe, easy to use, and dependable.

See the attachment for features and specifications PDF (177KB)

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*1 VCXO (Voltage Controlled Xtal Oscillator)
A crystal oscillator whose output frequency is varied by applying an external control voltage

*2 Optical transmission equipment
Devices and systems that use light to transmit information. Optical communication equipment is used for core networks, metro networks, CATV & video signals, local area networks, and access networks.

*3 HFF (High-Frequency Fundamental) crystal
An HFF crystal unit is a crystal chip that has been etched via a photolithographic process into the shape of an inverted mesa and oscillates at a high fundamental frequency.

*4 VCXO Fundamental frequency
The fundamental frequency is the lowest resonant frequency (the first harmonic) of a crystal unit's vibrating modes.

*5 Fractional-N PLL IC
A phase locked loop integrated circuit that can generate a desired output frequency based on a reference clock signal of a certain frequency with fractional scaling to allow non-integer multiplication.

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