Epson Releases New Frequency-Programmable Crystal Oscillator and Programming Writer

SG-8003CG programmable crystal oscillatorSG-8003CG programmable crystal oscillator

- TOKYO, Japan, July 29, 2013 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson"), the world leader in quartz crystal technology, has begun volume production and shipping of the SG-8003CG, a new programmable crystal oscillator in its popular SG-8003 series. The easy-to-program SG-8003CG is housed in a tiny package that measures 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.8t (max.) mm. With a footprint and cubic size that are approximately 38% and 58% smaller than those of Epson's comparable SG-8003CE programmable oscillator, the new oscillator will significantly help to reduce the size of customers' electronic equipment.

Manufacturers have progressively reduced the size of printed circuit boards used in electronic equipment to lower costs. In turn, this has driven strong demand for even smaller electronic components to populate the boards. To meet this demand, Epson added the SG-8003CG to the SG-8003 series, crystal oscillators that can be driven at supply voltages ranging from 1.8 V to 3.3 V.

Epson also now offers a new programming tool called the SG-Writer II. Sold separately and with Windows 7 support, this reasonably priced writer can be used to program clock oscillators in the SG-8000 series. Customers can easily program oscillators by selecting the desired frequency, output conditions, and drive voltage in a program and then saving that data in memory (PROM).

"By allowing customers to immediately prepare crystal oscillators that produce the required frequency, the new writer helps significantly shorten product development and evaluation times," said Masayuki Kitamura, chief operating officer of Epson's Microdevices Operations Division. "As a leader in crystal devices, Epson will continue to provide the kind of small, accurate, stable products required in electronics and social infrastructure."

SG-8003CG programmable crystal oscillatorRight: New SG-8003CG (2.5 x 2.0 x 0.8t mm)
Left: Epson's SG-8003CE (3.2 x 2.5 x 1.2t mm)

SG-8003CG programmable crystal oscillatorWindows 7-compliant SG-Writer II
programming writer

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