Epson Group Announces 2013 Sustainability Report

- TOKYO, Japan, July 26, 2013 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") today announced that it has posted on the following website its 2013 Sustainability Report, a publication that summarizes the Epson Group's global CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013.

The main content of "Sustainability Report 2013" is outlined below.

Feature article: Epson's DNA

Epson's strength in compact, energy-saving and high-precision technologies have continued to evolve over 70 years in business. In this feature section we introduce a number of products that demonstrate how these technologies, combined with unsurpassed technical skills, live on in our manufacturing activities and inform the creation of customer value, whether in the form of reduced environmental impacts or new product functions and features.

CSR activities

Sustainability Report chapters (Customer Commitment, Commitment to Environmental Conservation, Individuality and Teamwork, Trusted Throughout the World, and Prospering with the Community) mirror the content of Epson's Management Philosophy. Action policies and examples in each area are described, with interviews and quotes from employees provided throughout.

The chapter titled "Customer Commitment" offers six pages' worth of feature articles on the theme of pursuing customer satisfaction.

In addition to the Japanese and English versions of the report that were published today, we plan to publish a Chinese version at the end of August.

About Epson
Epson is a global innovation leader whose product lineup ranges from inkjet printers and printing systems, 3LCD projectors and industrial robots to sensors and other microdevices. Dedicated to exceeding the vision of its customers worldwide, Epson delivers customer value based on compact, energy-saving, and high-precision technologies in markets spanning enterprise and the home to commerce and industry.
Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the Epson Group comprises more than 68,000 employees in 96 companies around the world, and is proud of its ongoing contributions to the global environment and the communities in which it operates.