Epson Adds New Surface Processing Site in China

- Epson Surface Engineering now accepting orders -

Epson Surface Engineering (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd.

- TOKYO, Japan and SINGAPORE, May 8, 2013 -

Singapore Epson Industrial Pte. Ltd., an Epson Group company, has established a new production and sales site in the city of Zhenjiang, on China's eastern seaboard, with the purpose of expanding its high-added-value surface processing business. The new site, Epson Surface Engineering (Zhenjiang) Co. Ltd., recently began accepting made-to-order production orders.

Singapore Epson Industrial serves as a production center for Epson's imaging and information business and watch business. In 1979, it began providing plating and other high-added-value surface processing services to customers in industries such as electronics, aerospace, oil and gas, and automotive. Unique surface processing technology gives Singapore Epson Industrial sub-micron-order control over the thickness of deposited films that improve the functional performance characteristics of parts, including factors such as their wear and thermal resistance. The performance of these surface finishes has driven the steady growth of the business.

Anticipating increased demand and orders going forward, Epson decided to invest approximately 570 million yen over five years to boost the production capacity of its surface processing business. In June 2011 Singapore Epson Industrial established Epson Surface Engineering as a new production and sales site. Epson Surface Engineering is located in the Eco Plating Specialized Zone situated in an industrial park in Zhenjiang, a city in Jiangsu Province. The Epson Surface Engineering plant is outfitted with the same advanced equipment as Singapore Epson Industrial but also boasts energy-saving and other eco-considerate features, including industrial water recycling facilities. These capabilities will enable Epson Surface Engineering to provide customers with high-added-value surface finishes for a vast array of parts used in a wide range of industries.

Epson sees surface processing as a core business within its precision products operations. The precision products business is dedicated to using unique precision processing technologies based on Epson's core compact, energy-saving, high-precision technologies* to continuously create and provide quality products and services that customers need and trust.

*Technologies that save energy, time, and labor, reduce product size, weight, and environmental impact, and provide outstanding precision and accuracy.

Epson Surface Engineering profile

Company name Epson Surface Engineering (Zhenjiang) Co. Ltd.
Location Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, People's Republic of China
President Shunong Fang
Established June 2011
Capital 4,500,000 USD
Ownership Singapore Epson: 90% Epson (China) Co., Ltd.: 10%
Employees 20 (March 2013)
  • Manufacture and sale of surface-finished parts
  • R&D of surface finishing processes and production equipment/facilities
  • Development of environmental technologies, and the manufacture and sales of environmental systems

Epson Surface Engineering production plant

Investment Approximately 570 million yen over 5 years, from FY2011 to FY2015
Floor area Approximately 4,500 m2 of factory floor space on a 3,500 m2 lot
Production start May 2013
Production capacity Capacity differs depending on the parts to be processed

Ref.: Examples of parts processed and the benefits of surface finishing

Surface-finished part Main benefits of surface finishing
Parts for vehicle brake sensors Uniform coatings with high adhesion improve the reliability of brake sensors
Aircraft engine parts Super-thick surface coatings deposited with high precision in extremely fine grooves improve the reliability of parts
Hearing aids Selective plating of tiny parts improves their reliability
Devices for cell phone Highly adhesive surface finishes deposited on special materials shields parts from electromagnetic interference and protects them from oxidation, improving reliability
Wristwatch glass Anti-reflective coatings on glass improve visibility and durability

For more information on Singapore Epson Industrial's surface finishing business, please see the following link: New window

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