Epson Announces Two New Inertial Measurement Units for Industry

- Water- and dust-protected IMUs support CAN and RS-422 interfaces -


- TOKYO, Japan, April 25, 2013 -

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") has developed two new products, the M-G550-PC and the M-G550-PR, for its inertial measurement unit*1 ("IMU") lineup. The new products will be on show at Sensor + Test 2013, the world's largest international fair for sensors to be held from May 14 to 16 in Nuremburg, Germany.

The new 6-DOF*2 IMUs, which have gyroscopic sensors on three axes and accelerometers on three directions, also have built-in support for two widely used industrial interfaces: the CAN*3 protocol in the case of the M-G550-PC and the RS-422*4 in the case of the M-G550-PR. Packaged in metal enclosures equipped with IP67-level water and dust protection, the IMUs are capable of withstanding harsh, demanding environments. Samples of the products will be available from May 2013. Volume production is slated to begin in July 2013.

Epson's current IMU, the M-G350-PD11 (S4E5A0A0), has earned high marks from customers for its small size, light weight, and outstanding accuracy and stability. The new M-G550-PC and M-G550-PR sacrifice none of this performance while also providing CAN and RS-422 support and strong water and dust protection.

The new IMUs are simple to install and connect in vehicles, marine vessels, and a variety of other industrial products and systems, where they will accurately and easily measure data, control movement, or conduct inspections even under harsh indoor or factory environments.

The M-G550-PR, whose RS-422 interface offers high noise immunity, can also be used to measure motion and perform control or inspection at remote locations (such as on the opposite end of a 200-meter cable).

"Earlier this year, Epson announced the formation of a new sensing systems business with a mission of making high-precision sensors to create new value that improves people's lives," said Yoshiyuki Moriyama, chief operating officer of Epson's Sensing Systems Operations Division. "I believe that these IMUs, which will provide Epson's customers with new value and give their products and services a competitive edge, are a strong first step toward achieving that mission."

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Upcoming trade show

Epson will exhibit and demonstrate its new IMUs at the Epson booth at Sensor + Test 2013, the world's largest international fair for sensors.
Date: May 14-16
Place: Nuremburg, Germany
Booth No. 12-392 (Hall 12)
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*1: Inertial measurement unit (IMU)
A device for sensing inertial motion that consists of angular rate sensors on three axes and accelerometers in three directions. IMUs are primarily used to measure and control the behavior of moving objects.

*2: DOF
Degrees of freedom. The number of directions in which an object can freely move.

*3: CAN
Controller area network, a network protocol used especially to connect automotive and industrial devices.

*4: RS-422
An interface standard for serial communications between devices that allows data to be transmitted over longer distances. Widely used in industrial products.

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