Epson Atmix Triples Amorphous Alloy Powder Production Capacity

- Capacity expanded to meet growing demand from smartphone and other markets -

Amorphous alloy powder
Amorphous alloy powder

- TOKYO, Japan, August 1, 2012 -

Epson Atmix Corporation, an Epson group company and the world's leading manufacturer*1 of fine-grained alloy powders, today announced that it has recently begun volume production of amorphous alloy powders*2 on a new production line within the expanded Epson Atmix headquarters. The new line represents an investment of approximately 200-million yen and is capable of producing roughly 1,000 tons of amorphous alloy powder per year. It will enable the company to meet expanded market demand driven by end products such as smartphones and potential demand from the automotive industry, in addition to facilitating R&D into new materials.

The new line approximately triples Epson Atmix's amorphous alloy powder production capacity to approximately 1,500 tons per year.

Magnetic powders that can be formed into a variety of complex shapes are used as raw materials in electronic components such as inductors, choke coils, and reactors used to control voltages in high-performance mobile equipment such as smartphones and notebook PCs. They are also used in electromagnetic shields for flat-screen TVs. Amorphous alloy powders, in particular, have high magnetic flux densities and low energy loss in addition to excellent high-frequency characteristics.

Epson Atmix's unique metal powder manufacturing technology puts it in a position to capture burgeoning demand from customers requiring certain alloy powder materials for their businesses. The company is therefore also building out its production capacity by beginning construction in June 2012 on the Epson Atmix Kita-Inter Plant (, a new factory for ultra-fine alloy powders. Epson Atmix is a customer-focused company that is committed to creating customer-pleasing, trusted products and services of the highest quality.

Epson Atmix profile

Company name Epson Atmix Corporation
Location 4-44 Kaigan, Aza, Kawaragi, Hachinohe-shi, Aomori, Japan 039-1161
President Fumiaki Akahane
Beginning of operations October 1, 1999
Employees Approx. 280
Capital 450,000,000 yen (Epson Atmix is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seiko Epson Corporation)
Businesses Development, manufacture, and sales of metal powder, metal injection molded parts, and synthetic quartz crystals

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*1: Leading manufacturer in terms of annual revenue from fine alloy powders in fiscal 2011 (according to Epson Atmix research as of April 2012).
*2: Amorphous alloy powders
Ordinary alloys have a crystalline structure in which atoms are arranged regularly. In contrast, amorphous alloy powders are non-crystalline, meaning the atoms that comprise the material are not arranged in a definite, regular manner. Although solids, amorphous alloy powders, like liquids, have a structure in which atoms are densely and irregularly packed. Amorphous alloys are lightweight and have excellent electric and thermal conductivities, as well as high tensile strength. Amorphous alloy powders are amorphous alloys that have been reduced to fine particles that range from several dozen to several hundred microns in size.

Amorphous alloy powder