Epson Begins Sales of High-Throughput IC Test Handler

NX1032XS IC test handler

- TOKYO, Japan, June 27, 2012 -

Seiko Epson Corporation ("Epson," TSE: 6724) today announced that it has developed and begun sales of the NX1032XS IC test handler capable of transferring, inspecting and sorting semiconductors with one of the world's highest throughput levels.*1 By installing this product, customers will be able to greatly reduce inspection costs in the downstream processes of semiconductor manufacturing.

An IC test handler is a system that transfers finished semiconductors to inspection equipment for electrical, visual and other final performance tests and then sorts them into multiple categories, such as good and defective. In response to robust demand for smartphones, tablets and automotive devices in recent years, semiconductor manufacturers have expressed a growing interest in the use of high-speed and high-precision IC test handlers to boost production of high-performance semiconductors (logic ICs*2).

"Our customers demanded a high-speed test handler and we created the NX1032XS IC test handler to meet these needs," said Hideo Hirao, responsible for Epson's Factory Automation Division. "As a leading*3 manufacturer of IC test handlers, we were determined to develop the IC test handler with the world's highest throughput." The new handler is capable of transferring, inspecting and sorting up to 20,000 logic ICs every hour.

With the ability to transfer 32 semiconductors to inspection equipment at a time, this new model offers twice the capacity of Epson's previous top model, the NS-8160W. Epson also uses its original Smart Motion Control robot control technology to enable fast movement while maintaining low vibration when transferring semiconductors. In addition, the plate can be heated to enable testing at extreme temperatures of up to 155 °C, a requirement for semiconductors used in automotive applications.

Epson will demonstrate this product at its booth (No. 6742) at SEMICON West 2012 to be held in San Francisco from July 10 to 12. New window

Going forward, Epson will continue to develop and provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, including in the factory automation field with high-speed, high-precision and high-performance IC test handlers.

*1: For pick-and-place logic IC handlers
Calculated from number of logic ICs capable of being transferred, inspected and categorized per hour (as of June 2012, according to Epson research)
*2: Logic IC - A small integrated circuit that puts one of the individual functions required by various logic circuits into a single package
*3: Epson ranked second globally in market share in 2011 based on sales revenues for logic IC test handlers (according to Gartner research)

Main specifications of NX1032XS IC test handler PDF (11KB)

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