Epson Boosts Signage and Display Solutions with New SureColor Range

SureColor SC-S30600
SureColor SC-S30600

Epson has long offered an extensive lineup of large-format printers. These account for nearly 70% of the graphics and proofing market. However, few of these products were able to meet customer expectations in the signage and display segment and in the CAD segment. In February 2012, Epson announced the long-awaited SureColor SC-S30600, a four-color entry model aimed at the signage and display market with support for eco-solvent ink. Then at the Drupa international printing equipment exhibition held May 3-16 in Dusseldorf, Germany, Epson expanded the lineup by announcing the SC-S70600 eight-color high-quality model with support for metallic and white inks, and the SC-S50600 four-color model with double print heads for high productivity.

Customers can find a lot to like about SureColor large-format printers, which offer excellent print quality without sacrificing speed. Epson's original UltraChrome GS2 and GSX eco-solvent inks are the result of successive improvements to previous products, giving them the durability and quality needed for outdoor billboards and posters.
With top-of-class cost-performance, the SureColor SC-S30600 four-color entry model has experienced robust demand since its February launch in Europe.

Here are some of the technologies and features that give SureColor its high performance, productivity and usability.

Printing performance realized by a Micro Piezo TFP print head and a highly rigid frame

Micro Piezo TFP print head
Micro Piezo TFP print head

The Micro Piezo TFP print head utilized in the SureColor printers was developed by Epson using thin-film piezoelectric elements to enable accurate and fast printing* with a nozzle density of 360 dpi. In addition, the UltraChrome GS2 and GSX inks used in SureColor printers are eco-solvent inks that do not use environmentally-harmful nickel compounds and do not require special ventilation in the usage environment. These inks are also able to produce beautiful print quality and a wide color gamut while also offering three-year outdoor durability (based on Epson standards) without the need for any protective lamination, even in the harsh conditions faced by outdoor posters.

*Print speed in production mode: SC-S30600 - 9.9 m2/hr, SC-S50600 - 17.6 m2/hr, SC-S70600 - 13.3 m2/hr

In general, the importance of frame rigidity increases along with the size of the printer. The print head moves above the paper on a part called the carriage. When the frame has poor rigidity, the printer vibrates and "flexes." However, the frame in SureColor printers is assembled by a newly-developed robotic welding system. This new welding technology gives the printer high rigidity at its core, enabling a highly accurate and stable carriage that provides the ink droplet landing accuracy needed to produce superior print quality and speed.

Exceptional usability

The SureColor solves many of the problems that customers have faced when using large-format printers.

  • The printer achieves consistent paper feed accuracy from end to end by automatically adjusting the paper tension (auto tension control), enabling steady consecutive printouts. Consistent print quality is ensured over the entire surface of the paper.
  • Includes powerful heaters for ink bonding and drying before rolling. The temperature for each of the three heaters can be independently adjusted.

  • A jack lever has been included so a single person can load a heavy paper roll.

  • 2.5-inch color LCD panel gives the user easy-to-understand information on ink levels, media width and amount remaining, waste ink levels, heater temperature and printer status.

  • High-capacity ink cartridges with 700 ml of ink reduce maintenance frequency.

This demonstrates Epson's relentless pursuit to include all of the features and performance needed for the signage and display segment, which includes billboards and outdoor advertisements, in its SureColor printers.

Epson's aim is to revolutionize every printing domain by leveraging its unique Micro Piezo technology. These SureColor printers deliver even greater value to customers and bring Epson one step closer to realizing its vision.

SureColor Series Lineup

SureColor SC-S30600
Four-color entry model

SureColor SC-S50600
High productivity model
with double
four-color print heads

SureColor SC-S70600
Eight-color high-quality
model with support for
metallic and white inks

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