Epson Announces New SoC for e-Paper Applications

- New chip offers high-performance combined with low power consumption and cost competitive solutions -

- TOKYO, Japan, May 10, 2012 -

Seiko Epson Corporation ("Epson", TSE: 6724), a global supplier of imaging products and semiconductor solutions, today announced a newly developed SoC (system on chip). The S1D13M01 integrates an MIPS-24Kef CPU core and also includes Epson's industry-proven multi-pipeline e-paper display controller, which has been optimized for E Ink display panels. Targeting various active E Ink e-paper applications such as e-books, e-tablets, and e-notepads, the new SoC was jointly co-developed with Taiwanese multimedia SoC expert, Magic Pixel Inc, a spun out division of Macronix International Co, Ltd.

The S1D13M01 is designed to speed up display rendering with the help of a hardware JPEG engine, PNG decoder engine, color space conversion engine and 2D graphics engine. To maximize the performance of the EPD controller, Epson has optimized the memory controller interface and can achieve smooth EPD display graphics performance without sacrificing its role as a display controller. The S1D13M01 is also designed to realize low cost, low power consumption e-paper applications by optimizing the e-paper application system.

"E Ink congratulates Epson on the launch of its SoC aimed at new applications using e-paper. We have a long relationship with Epson, who, like E Ink, are constantly innovating. and together we are creating new markets for electronic paper," said Sri Peruvemba, chief marketing officer of E Ink Corporation.

"Bolstered by its long relationship with E Ink and a powerful new partner, Magic Pixel, Epson has been able to successfully develop an attractive SoC for e-paper applications," said Kazuhiro Takenaka, deputy chief operating officer of Epson's Microdevices Operations Division. "We will continue to strive to develop unique Epson EPD products that exceed customer's expectations."

"We are honored to provide our SoC platform for Epson to create this dedicated ASIC for EPD applications. The Epson team made a supreme effort to perfect its latest EPD controller for our SoC, and successfully demonstrated unmatched EPD display quality together with the lowest power consumption, the fastest performance and the best cost/ performance ratio in the eBook market," said Chi-Houn Ma, president of Magic Pixel. "There is great potential for this ASIC beyond e-book applications, for example from emerging markets such as e-note, e-education, etc."

The S1D13M01 is the ideal choice for e-paper developers for who are looking to create a cost competitive E Ink applications without compromising the performance of the EPD controller or CPU. Samples are available today and full-scale production is expected to start in August 2012.

Epson plans to demo the SoC at the E Ink booth at SID2012.

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