Epson Hong Kong Wins Bronze at 2011 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

- HONG KONG, May 7, 2012 -

Epson Hong Kong’s continuous efforts and commitment to the environment have been rewarded with the bronze award in the prestigious Import and Export Trades Sector of the 2011 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence.

The Awards Presentation Ceremony, officiated by the Honorable Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, was held on May 4. The Sectoral Awards Scheme recognizes organizations that have demonstrated all-round and outstanding environmental performance in designated sectors.

A total of 585 entries competed for the Sectoral Awards this year, with 36 gold, silver, bronze awards presented to business and organizations in the eleven sectors. Winners were selected through a two-stage assessment process, followed by a final adjudication comprising representatives from trade associations, government departments and professional bodies.

Epson Hong Kong was highly evaluated for the following efforts:

Green leadership

Since 2000, Epson Hong Kong has maintained ISO 14001 certification. This is the universally recognized requirement for environmental management systems (EMS). To implement an effective EMS, Epson Hong Kong has formed a team led by its president to improve environmental practices. These structured practices provide a framework to establish annual objectives and targets, measure effectiveness, and seek continual improvement.

Reduced travel footprint

Epson Hong Kong’s office was relocated in January 2011. Three offices were combined into a single location, enabling the elimination of a travel footprint involving trips among offices. In addition, staff members are encouraged to use newly installed video conferencing equipment to reduce unnecessary business travel.

Green renovation

In its renovation project, the project committee adopted green strategies in design guidelines, specifications and materials. These included using energy saving T5 fluorescent tubes, installing an automatic lights out system to switch off the lights after business hours, and setting up different zones to allow separate control to the lights and air conditioners. These actions successfully improved energy efficiency and reduced the impact on the environment. In fiscal 2010, Epson Hong Kong reduced energy consumption by 35% while office space was reduced by only 10%.

Recycling activities

To contribute to the environment, Epson Hong Kong manages several recycling activities. This began with solid waste recycling, but has since been expanded to include batteries, CDs, toner and ink cartridges, fluorescent tubes and electronic waste. To further encourage local recycling activities, Epson Hong Kong actively organizes and participates in public recycling programs, including recycling genuine Epson ink and toner cartridges from the public, setting up a collection bins at its office to collect rechargeable batteries from the public for recycling, and funding a local computer recycling programme.

Paper saving

Epson Hong Kong runs paper saving programs to encourage people to adopt more environmentally sustainable lifestyles. All office printers are default set to duplex printing. Meanwhile, an e-fax system has been used to ensure unwanted faxes are not printed out. The result is a reduction in paper use by more than 30% since 2008, and almost 10% in the year to date.

Staff education

The company also encourages staff to take part in environmental activities, and organized an ecological tour to the Hong Kong Geo Park to allow staff and their families to experience and enjoy nature, and gain improved understanding of the geological treasures of Hong Kong.

Care for nature

Epson Hong Kong proactively promotes environmental protection to the public, setting up the Epson Foundation in 1990. Since its establishment, the Foundation has contributed near HK$20million to charitable causes. In recent years, the Foundation has focused its philanthropic program on environmental sustainability. In fiscal 2011, the company supported three green projects to educate the public: the Epson Green Carnival 2012, "Seeds" for Green Life green parent days at 16 schools, and Waste Transformers, a recycling contest.

Epson Hong Kong is committed to green management, and will continue its efforts to build a sustainable society.

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