Epson's In-House Facility Accredited as International ENERGY STAR® Program Testing Center

- TOKYO, Japan, March 22, 2012 -

Seiko Epson Corporation ("Epson," TSE: 6724) today announced that its EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Testing Group located in its Hirooka Office (Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture, Japan) had been awarded ISO/IEC17025 certification for its electrical measurement capability. On this basis, the group has also received accreditation as a third-party testing center for International ENERGY STAR*1 certification by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Epson established its EMC Testing Group lab in 1996 to test compatibility to EMC standards*2. This enabled the company to centralize in-house confirmation of product safety, and ensure the compatibility of products to EMC standards.

In electrical measurement, the Testing Group was also certified as meeting the demands for ISO/IEC 17025 certification in quality management and technical capability. This enabled the group to clear the requirements to become an EPA-recognized laboratory, ensuring that Epson now has one of only four such laboratories in Japan located in-house.

Due to the fact that the laboratory is located within the company, Epson can cut the time required to achieve certification, incorporate product feedback based on third party opinions, and set even higher targets in terms of product quality and environmental considerations.

As it seeks to improve the environmental efficiency of its products, Epson will continue to comply to the International ENERGY STAR program and other environmental labels promoted internationally.

*1 According to the basic energy saving standards for office equipment, products that meet the defined standards are allowed to display the ENERGY STAR logo. In January 2011, the procedure to receive certification was changed from self-verification to third party testing and verification at a facility recognized by the EPA (for products intended for the North American market). ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for electric power measurement is an essential condition for becoming a certified laboratory.

*2 There are standards to ensure electronic interference from devices does not affect other electronic devices or the human body, and that any electronic interference received from other devices does not affect operation of the device.

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