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May 22Products

Epson to Roll Out Global Sales of the N6 Compact 6-Axis Robot and SH250LH Hollow Force Sensor

In May, Seiko Epson Corporation will begin a global roll-out of the N6 compact 6-axis (vertically articulated) industrial robot the company announced in November 2017.

May 22Products

Epson to Launch T6 SCARA Robot T6 will support payloads up to 6 kg

Seiko Epson Corporation, the global market share leader in SCARA (horizontally articulated) robots for seven consecutive years, will begin a global rollout of the T6 robot whose development was announced in November 2017.

April 27Corporate

Epson Announces Executive Personnel Changes

Seiko Epson Corporation today announced that a meeting of its board of directors had provisionally approved the following executive personnel changes.