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October 16Products

Epson Develops New 16-Bit Microcontroller with e-Paper Driver

Seiko Epson Corporation has developed and begun shipping samples of the S1C17F63, a 16-bit microcontroller unit with a built-in driver that is ideal for driving small e-paper displays.

October 2Products

Epson Wins Good Design Award for Printers, Projectors, and Watch

Seiko Epson Corporation has won a 2019 Good Design Award for a total of ten products, including five printers, four projectors, and one watch.

October 1Products

Epson Develops Compact, Real-Time Clock Modules with a Time-Stamp Function

Seiko Epson Corporation has added two new real-time clock modules to its lineup: the RX8111CE and RX4111CE.

September 13Products

Epson and Panduit to Partner in Portable Label Solutions

Seiko Epson Corporation and U.S.-based Panduit Corporation have entered into a partnership in portable label solutions.